2022 International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD2022)
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Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel(昆明锦江大酒店)

2022 International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development will be held during July 15-17, 2022 in Kunming, China. For further information about the hotel, please find below.

Hotel Information

Hotel Website: Click

Address: No.98 Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

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Downtown  3.4 km

Kunming Changshui International Airport   26.60km

Kunming Railway Station  0.60km

South Ring Road  0.65km

Kunming Railway Station  1.43km

along Kunming Airport Line 2   0.26km

Railway Station Area 0.60km

Cuihu Park   5.13km

Daguan Park   6.43km


For non-Chinese Attendees, "Bring me to hotel" card is available. You can show it to the taxi drivers and they will take you to the hotel.



>> 标准大床房:320元/晚,1张床/无线网络/1份早餐

>> 标准双床房:320元/晚,2张床/无线网络/ 2份早餐


Ⅱ. 房间预定方式:

1. 可编辑短信“AEIC昆明站学术会议+姓名+入住日期+退房日期+房型+入住人数”,发送至13708739932(经理)。

2. 请勿重复预定。请尽快7月10日前完成预定(逾期无法保证房间安排,需视酒店房态而定),如有变动或取消预定需提前一周告知酒店经理。酒店费用将由酒店直接收取并开具发票。


Ⅲ. 交通指南:




Kunming Introduction

Kunming is a famous national historical and cultural city. As early as 30,000 years ago, people lived and multiplied around Dianchi Lake.In 278 BC, the Kingdom of Dian was established and its capital was set here.In 765, Nanzhao State built tuodong City, which was the beginning of kunming.At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Yongli regime of the Southern Ming Dynasty established its capital in Kunming.Kunming is a mountainous monsoon climate of the northern subtropical low latitude plateau, with a mountain landscape, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing Dianchi Lake in the south, and beautiful scenery along the lake. Because of its location on the low latitude plateau, it has a "spring like climate all year round" and enjoys the reputation of "spring City".