2023 2nd International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD 2023)
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2023 2ndInternational Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD 2023)will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Track 1: The value of physical education of the times

Sports culture construction, Lifelong sports ideological education, Aesthetic education in sports, The role of sports games in education, The function of sports in health education, Scientific research on physical education, Curriculum system and mechanism in colleges and universities, The necessity of physical education in modern education, The Role of Action Demonstration in Physical Education

Track  2: Digital Technology, Innovation and Education

Learning science, Computer-assisted cooperative learning, Smart education, Digital classrooms, Mobile and ubiquitous learning, Open education, Technology in higher education, Adult learning, Distance education in the post-epidemic era

Track  3: Education, Research and Globalization

Allocation of educational resources, Global education, Multicultural education, International education, The role of sport in achieving sustainable development goals, media, Information and communication, Massive open online courses

*Other related topics